How To Make Money Online Without Investment

Covid-19 not only affected our bodies. It also ruined our lives far worse than we thought. The pandemic swallowed around 114 million people’s jobs. Many were forced to do other things in order to survive. 

Vaile Wright, the director of clinical research and quality in the American Psychological Association, said, “We’re in for a long-term mental health crisis.” And it happened too. Many lost their minds because they lost their jobs, burdening them with financial stress. It didn’t stop there. The covid-19 impacted the world economy terribly. 

So, everyone started to make money online without investment. Even teenagers were willing to make money online. 

Here are the possible ways to make money online without investment.

Content Writing

Becoming a content writer is not that challenging. If you are good at English, writing and have immense creative thinking, you can start your career as a content writer. Being a content writer has its own perks. You can start a blog or work as an intern/employee in a content writing company. You don’t need to worry about any investment if you are looking for a job. Just enhance your writing skills.


You can also make money online as a freelancer in any domain like content writing, programming, or designing. In order to become a freelancer, you need two types of skills. One involves the core skill of creative writing for content writing, and another one is marketing. You need to be an expert in the market and have good communication skills to get more clients. You can also take help from a professional marketer. 

Virtual Assistant

Because of the increase in entrepreneurs, there has also been an increase in the need for assistants. You can work as a personal assistant virtually for an entrepreneur. The job includes work such as doing research, replying to emails, working on content, and advertisement. This job of the virtual assistant will help you make money between $2 and $30 per hour online. 

Writing Blogger

If you are interested in writing and want to tell the world about your opinions and feelings on how the world works, you can start your own blog. Plus, you don’t have to be familiar with computer programming or other types of design to become a blogger. There are several sites to help you learn about how to maintain a blog. But, it may take more time than you think. In around 2-3 months, you will be earning some money if you are working full-time. 

YouTube Video Blogger

You can earn money by uploading a video on YouTube. You may be familiar with the advertisements that pop up when you are watching a video. Did you know that watching these ads without skipping will increase the earning of the person who uploaded that video? All you need to have is a smartphone with good video quality and good content. You can upload all kinds of stuff that you are interested in, including things like drawing, makeup, or comedy. Some people even upload their day-to-day life activities. Just upload your video and enable ads on it. 


Transcribers are the people who create the written version of audio or video recordings, conversations, and meetings. They need to listen to the audio and translate it to a long text, review the transcriptions’ drafts, and meet the clients to get final approval. A transcriber makes around $30 per hour, and at this rate, they can make about $1,500 per month. It is not as easy as you think. You need to be fast and efficient.

Social Media Influencer

You have probably seen internet celebrities on Facebook and Instagram. As a social media influencer, you can make an average amount of $200 per post if you have 100,000 followers. The earnings are based on the number of followers, likes, comments, and shares. Many companies offer a huge salary package to make social media influencers their employees. It not only helps the influencers to make more money but also helps the companies to get famous. All you have to do is post high-quality, relevant videos, photos, GIFs, stories, and carousels. 

Affiliate Marketer

This person will be marketing another person’s or company’s products and earning money. They will become a retailer. If you want to become an affiliate marketer, first sign up for online retailers such as Amazon. Promote the products that you like via social media and websites. But you don’t have to own a website to become an affiliate marketer. For example, you can link a list of items you like to Amazon to make it easier for people to purchase them. By doing this, you can earn an affiliate commission. 


As a consultant, sell your knowledge to make money. For this, you should have expertise in a domain more than your client. You need to provide opinions, analysis, and recommendations for the client based on what they ask. To put it plainly, the consultants are the fixer or the troubleshooters and brainstorm new ideas to counteract the problem. A person with professional core competitive skills can become a consultant and contact clients online. For instance, if you are a financial professional, create a website relevant to attracting the clients you need.

Web-Owner’s Broker

All you need to do is get clients who can pay for advertisements for the website owners. By doing that, you can make money. And another way to earn money is to help the website owners to sell their websites for a reasonable price. This job will get you 10% of the selling price. With a successful sale, you can make anywhere from $20 to $20,000. 


Startup a business online. The business can be anything – teaching online, web developer, podcaster, or SEO consultant. First, you need to work on your business’s objective and then create an attractive website. Ask your friends and colleagues to share this with everyone. However, it will need a lot of hard work to achieve a successful business. 

It is a great decision to make money online without investment by working or starting up your own business rather than sitting at home. Don’t lose hope if you are not doing well in a domain. Just stick with it and enhance your skill on it. 


There are many opportunities to make money online without investment upfront. However, be aware of sites that require you to make a payment upfront in order to apply for a job or online money-making opportunity. 

At the end of the day, continue developing your skills to make yourself an attractive remote job candidate. 

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