I almost always listen to something to make myself fall asleep. I put on a pair of earphones, lie on my back, and try to fall asleep while listening to music/audiobook/nature sounds/ASMR/lecture recordings/comedy skit — depending on what I’m into at the time. Listening to music helps me fall asleep faster. But I wish I […]

There are services like iTunes where you can purchase and stream commercially available music. But what if you have music and audio files that you got elsewhere? If you’re like me, you might have mp3 files that you imported from CDs, lecture recordings, and audio and video files from online courses organized in an external […]

Is your WordPress website loading slowly? It could be that the images on your website are slowing down your site. The more files you upload to your WordPress media library /wp-content/uploads, the clutterer your website becomes. Whether you upload photos you took on your phone or images you create, you want to resize, optimize, and […]

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Do you have knowledge and experience that you can teach and monetize? Then what you need is an online course platform where you can package your knowledge and sell. The online learning industry is expected to grow to $325 billion by 2025. With the recent social distancing, more people are turning online to learn a new […]

Are you a freelancer or agency? If you are sending an email to your prospective clients with your @hotmail.com, @gmail.com, or @yahoo.com email addresses, well…. it doesn’t look as professional. This is a guide for creating your own custom email address, something like @yourcompanyname.com or @yourfullname.com You can use a more professional looking email address […]

Are you an ambitious type? Do you have high aspiration for personal growth? I always tried to do things more and faster. I was even proud of myself for it. But in actuality, I wasted my time and energy on things that produced little results in the name of productivity. Being busy is not being […]

What does it mean to be mindful? Quick searches on the internet show that being mindful means: to be an objective observer to be fully present and focused at the moment to be able to say or do the right thing at the moment to be intentional and deliberate in your actions That sounds good, […]