How To Get An Easy Part-Time Remote Job As A College Student

In today’s world, you cannot just be a college student and expect to be successful. You need to learn additional skills before stepping out into the real world. Due to this pandemic, some colleges have been shut down and the typical seated classes have been converted to online. This is the perfect opportunity to apply for some part-time remote jobs so that you can enhance your skills.

But how will you find the perfect part-time remote job? As a college student, you lack the experience to work in high-end companies. Not only this, but you cannot focus on such a demanding job and work on your college projects at the same time. So, you need to balance both forms of work.

Getting a part-time remote job is not too challenging. This article will give you the proper guidance to find a suitable part-time remote job for you.

Why Should You Apply For A Part-time Remote Job?

A survey implied that about 26% of college students agreed that they would not be coming to the college to participate in classes because of the pandemic. 

This pandemic has also increased the number of students taking gap years. It is estimated that 3% of first-year students are taking a gap year. That’s not all. Internet searches about gap years have soared.

To complete their studies, 85% of college students wish to go back to their colleges. But 10% of students want to finish it online.

Sometimes, working fully in the office will not give you enough time to focus on your academics. Traveling to work, having a social life, and listening to online classes is not always possible. 

Being in this situation, finding the perfect part-time remote job is the best idea. You cannot have fun all day and you cannot assume that you will get a job after finishing college simply because you have a degree. Some companies require more. 

Many have lost their jobs and many companies have been forced to shut down. So, the competition for getting a job has become higher than expected. If you don’t have relevant skills, you will not survive.

Some companies hire college students for online part-time jobs and internships. So, you can work with them and do school at the same time to learn new things. Many companies are currently offering work-from-home opportunities due to this pandemic.

Since the competition for a job has escalated, companies have started to shortlist candidates who have prior experience in that domain. So, naturally, this will lead to more expectations from you.

Additionally, a part-time remote job can help you with everything from everyday expenses to college tuition fees. 

Which Part-Time Remote Jobs Are In High Demand?

Remote jobs with high salary packages need both a graduate degree and relevant experience. But, some online jobs provide a reasonable salary and need academic performance and prior experience, which aligns with most college students. The jobs are mentioned below.

  • Writer or blogger
  • Virtual assistant
  • Web designer or programmer
  • Social media manager
  • Customer service representative
  • Tutor
  • Data entry specialist
  • Research assistant

Steps To Be Followed To Get A Part-Time Remote Job 

To get a job, you need to work on some things and be prepared. Let us take a look at the things you need to do before finding yourself a job.

Online Courses

One way to find a job is to enroll in an online course. Learn the course and go for the next steps. There are online course portals like Edx, Coursera, Alison, Udemy, Udacity, and Khan Academy.

The portals provide financial aid for the students in need. They also provide discounts for the courses. You learn the course without earning any certificates.

Choose What You Need

You need to choose from the two types of online part-time jobs – paid and unpaid. Paid jobs yield good money so that you can use it for your daily expenses. Unpaid jobs are only to enhance your skills.

You can relate these jobs to respective scenarios. For instance, if you want to tutor a core skill from your degree, you will be paid, but you won’t be learning anything. On the other hand, some internships won’t pay you any money but still help you to learn and grow the skills you need. 

Design A Suitable Resume

It would be best if you worked on sculpting your resume. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, your skills in that domain will help you land a job. So use that as your highlighting point in your resume. 

For example, if you are looking for a job in content writing, highlight the skills you have in that domain, such as creative writing and SEO writing.

Try to focus on your soft skills, as you won’t be meeting any of your recruiters in person. Soft skills are the key for the recruiters to choose suitable candidates. All they need is the people who listen to them, who can work hard, and who want to learn. 

Get familiar with apps like Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom. Use a positive tone and an optimistic mindset. 

Cold Pitching Possible Recruiters

Create a well-developed cover letter and a personalized portfolio. Send these along with a custom letter to the recruiters. Work on some things before sending your mail. 

  • Highlight your intention to take the job. 
  • You should customize the cover letter according to the recruiters you are sending.
  • Do not use a template; edit it, and send it to the recruiters.
  • Don’t forget to mention why you chose the company. 
  • Point out how badly you want the job. 
  • Conclude the mail correctly.

Enroll In A Remote Job Portal

After working on your resume, start networking with websites like LinkedIn,, Guru, and more, where you have the opportunity to get in touch with recruiters and apply for jobs.

You can always find the recruiters looking for beginners by changing the experience filter to 0-year experience. Another advantage of using these portals is they will bring you the perfect online part-time jobs for you. 

These portals have notification options to ease up your pressure. You don’t have to search every day. Just fill-up the preferred part-time remote jobs and you are good to go.

Be aware of fake companies and scams. If you don’t, you won’t notice until after you’ve been fooled. No recruiter will ask you to pay money before and after recruiting. Just keep your eyes open.


There are many opportunities for university students to get a remote part-time job. Keep looking!

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