Are you striking out on your own as a work-from-home freelancer? Or, are you looking to do freelancing to supplement your side income? Either way, great! Here are the recommended online marketplaces to find freelancing gigs. 

Stuck at home because of the pandemic lockdown? Same here. My company issued the work-from-home order to all its employees. Some might take this opportunity to stream Netflix and catch up on some missed episodes while working. Others might dread being stuck with their kids 24/7. Sure, there are challenges associated with working from home. […]

In this post you are going to read about the best email tracker for Gmail.  By default, Gmail does not come with a feature to track email opens, read receipts, or schedule emails to send later. But you can enable email tracking features for Gmail by installing an extension. To keep your conversations with your […]

In this post, I’m going to show you the best voice to text transcription software. Do you remember the time when you asked Siri a question and she gave you a totally unrelated answer? Voice recognition technology, including Siri, has come a long way. There are voice-to-text solutions that can recognize and transcribe your speech […]

The downside of working on your own is that you postpone the things you’re supposed to do, and your project takes an infinite amount of time to accomplish. I’d write out the tasks that I want to accomplish and mark the due dates in my calendar. Yet, I don’t meet those self-imposed deadlines and let […]