In this post you are going to read about the best email tracker for Gmail. 

By default, Gmail does not come with a feature to track email opens, read receipts, or schedule emails to send later. But you can enable email tracking features for Gmail by installing an extension.

To keep your conversations with your customers, clients, and business partners from slipping through the cracks, you’d want to invest in an email tracker extension. 

Here is the recommended list of email tracker for Gmail. 

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What is the best email tracker for Gmail? 

For personal use, read receipts might be enough. But if you’re using Gmail for business, you might want more. 

A feature-rich email tracker can tell you when the email was opened, which individual opened it in the case of a group email, and whether they clicked the link in the email. You might also consider a solution that enables you to send the email later at a specific time, or send an automatic reminder if the recipient hasn’t replied to your email yet. 

The best email tracker helps you to plan and optimize your outreach and communication efforts. 

Free vs. Paid Email Tracking Extensions 

An email tracker for Gmail is often available as a free or paid version. The free version may come with some limitations. For example, the email you want to track is always branded, there’s a limit to how many emails you can track in a day, or the email read receipt does not show who read the email. If you want to bypass these limitations, you’d consider upgrading to the paid version. 

The best email tracker for Gmail is It is a feature-rich solution ensuring you keep on top of all your email communications. excels in sending out automatic reminders, as the name suggests. If someone does not reply to your email, you can set to send them a reminder email. If they reply before they get your reminder, will automatically cancel the reminder for you.

You can choose the content for your reminder email by selecting one from a template, saving you some time, and reminding the recipient to get back to you by setting things up ahead of time.  

For $18 a month, it comes up with the following features as well. 

✔ track email opens
✔ track link clicks
✔ send later
✔ snooze email

You can do everything within the Gmail interface, or manage from their dedicated dashboard if you prefer. 


RightInbox is also a popular email tracker solution for Gmail. In addition to the ability to schedule an email, send an automatic reminder, and tracking, it’ll allow you to keep private notes on each email that only you can see. 


If you are wearing multiple hats in your company, you can also have multiple signatures created and select from one when you’re sending an email. 

RightInbox starts at $5.95 per month on its annual plan, and it’ll give you unlimited access to all its features. 


MixMax starts at $9 per month for its annual plan. Their paid plan includes per-recipient tracking, which means when you send a group email, you can check which individual among the recipients opened your email. 

It comes with unlimited email tracking, send later, reminders, templates, and even a calendar integration that allows you to send calendar invitations and set the meeting time. 



Bananatag’s paid plan is geared toward enterprise solutions, but their free version is still very useful for those who have minimal and occasional use for email tracking.


When a tracked email is opened, or link is clicked, you’ll receive a notification. If you’d like to receive the notification via email, use Bananatag. starts at $4.99 per month for the annual plan.


What makes different from others is that you can purchase one plan, and share it with people in your organization who share the same domain address (i.e. 

The free version offers unlimited tracking, but each tracked email will be branded with 

Recommended Email Tracker for Gmail

My recommended email tracker is It allows you to see your email opens within Gmail as well as on its dedicated dashboard interface.

You can click around to set the reminders, or you can include the shorthand address, such as “[email protected]” in the “to” field of your email address to set up your reminder in 3 days.

I find to be most convenient, but other solutions mentioned here are solid as well. 

Which email tracker for Gmail will you be using? Let me know in the comment below. 

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