7 Reasons Why Teaching Online Can Transform Your Career and Income

Teaching online can be one of the best work-from-home jobs for someone looking to work in education. There are several reasons why teaching online can work as an excellent opportunity, including the flexible schedule and work-life balance that it offers.

In this article, we will introduce you to different types of online teaching and take you through 7 reasons why you should consider teaching online.

Types of Online Teaching

There are 2 primary types of online teaching.

Synchronous Teaching

Synchronous teaching, aka real-time teaching, takes place in real-time, just like in a physical classroom, but virtually. With enough equipment, such as a computer or a laptop, webcam, and a microphone, anyone can teach online using web conferencing services like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

The biggest advantage of synchronous teaching is that you can interact in real-time with your students. For example, they can ask questions, and you can instantly answer and help them.

However, its most problematic downside is time restriction. You and your students must be online at the same time, which may lead to fewer teaching opportunities if there’s a clash of schedules.

Asynchronous Teaching

Another type of online teaching is asynchronous teaching. This means that you pre-record your lessons or courses then put them on a teaching platform, such as Coursera or Udemy. Students who have signed up for those sites can make a purchase and easily access your courses anywhere and anytime.

With asynchronous teaching, there is no limit to who you can teach as your students can study anywhere and anytime they wish without the hassle of clearing their schedules to fit yours. Instead, they can just log in and start learning.

Unlike synchronous teaching, you can’t have instant interaction with your students. Although you can communicate via discussion boards or other tools like emails, it might be a bit of a letdown.

Why Should You Teach Online?

1. You Work Where You Want

Online teaching allows you to work from anywhere. You don’t even need to have a classroom. So whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or a hotel lobby, you can instantly communicate with students without meeting them face to face. 

With video conferencing software and teaching sites, you can deliver your lessons or workshops online to anyone with a computer and internet connection. Advancement in technology has allowed 67% of students to complete online programs using just mobile phones

2. You Work when You Want

Unlike in-person teaching or 9-to-5 jobs, your work hours are flexible and can be adjusted for your personal needs. Teaching one course in the morning before work, another during lunch break, and then working on lesson plans after dinner is entirely possible with scheduling software.

You can take as long as you need to work on your lesson plans and then get back up in the morning without feeling rushed. It doesn’t matter how slow of a worker you are. Online teaching is a great way to make your work more manageable and enjoyable, with increased freedom to choose what works best for yourself.

3. You are Your Own Boss

No Strict Guidelines

Online teaching allows you to work on your own terms. There aren’t any pesky bosses or co-workers to wait for. You’re also not confined by strict guidelines. Your lesson plans are yours. You’re free to format your lessons and cover any topic you want.

Teach What You Love

You’re fully in control of your teaching business, not only your work schedule but also the teaching methodology you use for your classes. You can use a more relaxed teaching style if that’s what suits you best, or prepare lesson plans with detailed instructions for students who need extra help.

Teach Whom You Like

Do you prefer to teach kids, teens, or adults? It’s totally up to you. How many students do you want to teach in one class? It’s also up to you.

With the diversity of students online, you can pick whatever age group and size of the classroom you want to teach without having anyone assigned it to you. 

4. The World is Your Classroom

One of the most exciting things about being an online teacher is that you get to meet and interact with people from across the globe, no matter where they are. You will meet students from different backgrounds, occupations, ethnicities, and religions.

By teaching others around the world, you can also experience different cultures while working from home and making money daily. It’s like traveling around the world without leaving your house!

5. You Can Earn Good Money

Higher-income Potential

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for an online teacher is $14 – $25 per hour, depending on your experience and the company you work with.

Moreover, your work is usually contracted and can be done on a part-time or full-time basis. This allows you to set your own work hours, which leads to higher earnings per hour than in-person teaching jobs offer.

More Demands, More Income

It is reported that about 50% of students took part in some form of online learning in the previous year. There are now more than 100 million students who have enrolled in some form of an online course. You are more likely to make a decent living as an online teacher, thanks to the high demand.

Build Your Own Empire

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as guaranteed job security. By proactively expanding your career possibilities, you can lower your risk of such a sudden economic downturn.

The global e-learning market is also forecasted to reach $315 billion by 2025. This means work-from-home education jobs are not only a source of extra income but also lead to bigger and better things. You can pick a niche and build up your reputation in this online teaching industry from your expertise. 

6. Your Mental Health will Thank You Later

As an online teacher, you’re not subjected to daily stressors that come with a regular commute or office environments, such as office politics or work meetings. This leads to less risk of burn-out, which means better mental health for yourself in the long term.

7. You Grow into a Better Version of Yourself

New Technical Skills Unlocked

One of the best things about teaching online is that you’ll have the chance to learn how to use different digital tools and software. Interactive whiteboards and screen shares make even remote classrooms feel alive with an engaging activity. A virtual classroom that encourages learning through play will always inspire students to learn.

Better Communication and Collaboration

Teaching online allows you to learn how to create effective learning environments using online tools, such as having a live chat with students or responding to students’ inquiries via email in a timely manner. 

By teaching online, you will have virtual colleagues and gain more experience in collaborating with them productively in an online setting.

Newer and Broader Perspectives

Being able to teach a diversity of students allows you to enhance your own cross-cultural understanding. You not only have the opportunity to network with people from around the globe but also broaden your perspective and become more culturally aware.

Is Teaching Online Your Cup of Tea?

Teaching online is one of the most exciting work-from-home education jobs. There are many benefits, but you should understand what these are before jumping in.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about all the reasons why teaching online is a great career choice! If any of the above sounds like something you could be interested in, kickstart your online teaching career today! Ready? Let’s go!

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