10 Backyard Office Ideas to Create Your Best Work Space

Nowadays, telecommuting is becoming more and more prevalent. Moreover, the advent of digital technology has made it possible for everyone to bring our office to the comfort of our home.

If you’re one of those who opt to set up a home office, the challenge you may face is where exactly in your house you will build your ideal workspace. However, this issue may not concern you when your home outside is big and spacious. But if you think it would be impossible to put it inside your home, you can try building it in your backyard.

There are several backyard office ideas you can consider depending on your budget and available space. Yet with a bit of creativity, you can set up a perfect design for yourself. To help you figure out what type of office you can have outside your home, here are some backyard office ideas you can try:


Your tropical backyard office is designed for hot weather. It’s like a mini cabana where you can relax and drink some juice. Both sides are enclosed with pine plywood for added shade, while the back has a few smaller windows above to allow sunlight and air circulation.

The entire front area is made of glass doors, so you can have an option to use HVAC(Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or the natural air outside. This kind of backyard office is perfect when you have a swimming pool at home. The unfinished plywood increases the tropical ambiance of the office, yet you can flip it to make it more rugged and random.

2. Gray Backyard Office

A gray backyard office is suitable for a dusty or grassy yard. It looks nice even when it’s dirty outside, but it’s clean-looking inside. Inside, the wooden wall panels offer good insulation and an elegant feel. In addition, the varnish finishing is enticing as though you are working in a luxury office.

You can add some ornamental plants to make the office look more like a real one than a warehouse outside. Hence, it is ideally situated on the corner of the fence. Aside from that, there is a covered porch where you can put chairs and a table.

3. Rustic

Are you a fan of Medieval dwarf house? You may choose to build a primitive-type structure using wooden shingles, sash windows, and ceramic floor tiles. It looks more beautiful with a mini garden outside in the middle of a lawn where you can sit in wrought iron chairs while having some coffee or tea.

At first glance, it’s like a toy house made with Lego bricks, but the rustic touch brings a feeling of nostalgia. The unfinished wood is classic yet clean and stylish. To make the interior relevant, you can use some Mediterranean-style furniture and cabinets. A small chandelier will surely add a cozy feeling.

4. Multi-functional

A backyard office is not necessarily a single detached structure. In some cases, there are areas in your backyard that can still be maximized for other uses.

If you have a large storage area in your backyard, you can transform it into a multi-functional backyard office. It is multi-functional in the sense that you incorporate your workspace and even kitchen facilities with your existing functional structure, whether it’s a warehouse or a garage.

Never forget that some big companies today like Amazon and HP started from this type of backyard office. Who knows? Your multi-functional backyard office could be the next big thing. It’s an excellent inspiration to begin!

5. Recycled Pallet

In building your backyard home office, you can maximize the available space and materials you may consider waste. For example, have you ever imagined an office built upon a pallet? While there are cheaper materials you can get in the market, it’s more practical if you can turn some seemingly valueless pieces of wood into a creative masterpiece.

A recycled pallet backyard office, if carefully planned, can give you a lot of space. Depending on how many pieces are available, you can make a two-story structure out of a wood pallet. If you need to spend money, it will only be for the paint and anything you put into the interior.

6. Greenhouse Office

This type of backyard office is for people who love an eco-friendly environment. The design is not different from the usual greenhouse structure you can find in modern farms and gardens. The only difference is that you change the interior into a workplace.

Prevent sunlight from entering inside by constructing your greenhouse office under the shade of a tree or a taller plant, especially if your office is almost like a screen house that looks entirely open. Nevertheless, there are other materials you can use, such as glass and wood. Of course, it depends on the weather cycle in your area, but keep in mind that you also need protection from rain, snow, or dust.

7. Modern Style

A modern-style backyard office speaks for itself. It’s the same corporate office, you know, with sliding doors, black and white accent, minimalist interior, and so on. The only difference is that it’s right there in your backyard.

The appearance is boxy, but it’s functional and straightforward. This design is well-suited with a zen garden and landscaped backyard. Choosing a plan like this will make you feel like you are going to an actual office, not miles away from home. In addition, it won’t be expensive to build such a structure since it’s minimalist. All you need to do is to select the appropriate furniture.

8. Office with a Roof Deck

When planning to construct a roof deck in your backyard, you may also build it with a backyard office in mind. Instead of consuming a separate area, why not use the space beneath the deck? Call it a roof deck with an office or an office with a roof deck. It doesn’t matter. 

What matters is the functionality. It’s like hitting two birds in one. You can consider it as a garden, too. With plants along the staircase, your office underneath is well-insulated. You can also convert the space under the stairs as a storage area right next to your office.

9. Shipping Container

The shipping container office is not anything new. It has been the most common office design in construction sites for many years. If you are an engineer who is used to it, you will thirst for the same ambiance.

However, a shipping container office doesn’t have to stay in its original form. You can improve and transform it. Since it’s boxy, it can become a unique variant of a modern-style backyard office.

10. Spanish Shed

Most office designs have a modern touch. However, if your home is a Spanish-style Mediterranean house, a typical office design won’t do.

To adapt to your Mediterranean home, you can build a simple Spanish shed on the corner of your backyard. The wooden door, small windows, and earth color are the ideal combination that creates a quiet atmosphere.


Backyard office ideas are limitless. The above designs are only a few examples of what creativity can do. Of course, you can think of more unique yet practical plans for your home office, but you can choose any of them to be your prototype.

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