About RemoteProductive.com

RemoteProductive.com Hi! 

I’m  Sushi, the blogger at RemoteProductive.com. 

In 2020, the coronavirus outbreak forced many people to go through some lifestyle changes. I started this blog to help those who are working from home to stay productive. 

I’m no expert, but I can share some of the tips and tools that helped me stay focused and get things done while working remotely.

The topics I cover here in my blog may include:

  • communication with your teammates
  • building a habit
  • apps and tools to stay organized
  • earning side income online 
  • finding your clients
  • promoting your services 
  • beating procrastination 
  • dealing with distractions at home 
  • maintaining good hygiene

Office spaces are not a requirement for productive output. I want to share best practices with you so that together we can stay productive wherever we are working from. 

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More about me 

I started my career as an independent music producer in California. 

I produced a virtual choir comprised of 300 singers across 12 countries for a client project. Not only did I have the singers sing and record at their homes, but I even had the instrumental recording, audio engineering and video production done remotely. This was the start of my realization that even music creation involving 300+ musicians can be done in the comfort of home. 

For a change, I began teaching English as a second language. I quit my teaching job when I was making enough from my online revenues. I grew my language learning YouTube channel to 70,000 subscribers and earned income through product sales and coaching. 

My interests in online marketing and content creation led me to a corporate job in a global communications team where I coordinated content creation with the APAC branch offices. 

And throughout all these years, I continued to supplement income from translation.

I’m a natural procrastinator and I’m far from perfect. But I hope that a few things I learned about productivity can help you too. 

Thanks for the visit!

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